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Rosh Hashanah, aka “Feast of Trumpets” or “Jewish New Year”
Sunday (September 29th), 7 – 9PM, “Pot-Blessing”* at the Wayburn’s
Monday (September 30th), 10:30AM – Noon, Drive to Charlotte

Yom Kippur, aka “Day of Atonement”
Tuesday (October 8th), 7 – 9PM, at the Columbia Jewish Community Center
Wednesday (October 9th), 10:30AM – Noon, Drive to Charlotte
Wednesday (October 9th), 6:30PM – “Pot-Blessing”* dinner at the Wayburn’s

Sukkot, aka “Feast of Tabernacles” or “Feast of Booths”
Saturday (October 19th), 10:30AM – Noon, at the CJCC


(* We don’t believe in “luck”, so instead of ‘Pot-luck’ dinner, everyone will bring something to share, and it will be a ‘Blessing’ whatever comes out of the ‘Pot’!)