2019 Purim Party!

The Year is almost over, and it feels like it has just begun!!!

Well… the ‘Year’ according to the Jewish calendar ends with the month of Adar, which started a few days ago. And on the 14 day of Adar (March 20), Jews (and Messianic Gentiles) all over the globe celebrate God’s faithfulness, through the festival of Purim! And we will too! Purim is the festival that recalls a specific time (almost 2,500 years ago) when God saved His people from extinction. And while that is very serious, Purim is traditionally a fun-filled celebration.

Jewish traditions include the public reading or chanting of the entire Esther Scroll (Megillah). This is where the phrase ‘the Whole Megillah’ comes from. Tradition often includes a Purim play, which tells the Esther story. This is part of the fun, as the audience gets to participate by ‘booing’ every time the name of the ‘bad guy’ (Haman) is mentioned, and cheering when either name of the ‘good guy or gal’ (Mordecai and Esther) is mentioned. And maybe my favorite tradition of all, eating Hamantashen (or just eating in general). Hamantashen is a pastry or cookie shaped in a triangle and filled with fruit.

More importantly, on Purim we place special emphasis on caring for the less fortunate. We encourage you to give money or food to at least two needy people during Purim.

So, with all of that in mind, come hear how God used a little girl, who became a young lady, who then became a Queen who overcame her fears to save a whole people! As I said, it is a great story of God’s Faithfulness!!!

We celebrating “Pot Luck Refreshment” style, so bring a little finger food of your choice to share with one another as part of the festivities. We are looking forward to a fun and educational time, so bring a friend and come on out!

We will celebrate on Thursday evening,

March 21st starting at 6:30PM.


Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center
306 Flora Drive, Columbia, SC 29223

Please call Lew at 803-210-5445 with any questions.